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Who Are We?

IMG_3241-1024x768AB Electric Corporation was founded on August of 2008 by Adrian Bechard. His company is proud to provide services in the Regina, Saskatchewan area, including other cities and towns within Saskatchewan.

We mainly focus on residential, commercial, and industrial work, as well as design builds. No matter the job there is nothing too big or too small that we can’t do.


Why Choose Us?


We as a company aim to constantly improve the technologies that we use by ensuring that our staff is informed and up-to date on them. We always stay informed with the latest electrical code and take necessary training to provide our customers the latest technologies available, so that the job is done right the first time. This allows you, the customer, to have an ease of mind that your electrical work is being completed by trained professionals who keep in mind of electrical conduct codes to allow you safety, savings, and an improved way of life.


Our company is formed of a hardworking and honest group of workers that enjoys their profession. This passion and knowledge allows our employees to work out every detail of the project so that you don’t. If there are ever any concerns along the way, then our open and honest communication will ensure that you’re kept informed, putting your mind at ease.


We commit ourselves to completing and providing services within the set time provided by the customer. Ensuring efficiency during these projects is important to us so that we can provide you with an affordable service at the lowest price possible without compromising the quality of service or the end result and benefits.


Our goal as electricians is to provide services that take the stress away from the customer. Our customers know that they can have a peace of mind because of the quality of our services, communication, specific set of skills, reliability, and affordable services.